A little about me

Hi! I’m Astrid. I’m a writer and content producer currently based in Canada. I used to live in an old townhome in Manila as a creative, struggling with feelings of urban alienation. My home studio has its roots in the year I lived alone on a busy street of a university town. I spent my weekends creating a quiet space, taking art lessons in the basement of a museum, walking my cousin’s dog on Sunday afternoons, and having intimate dinners with friends. I lived for the simple joys life brought me- like making my own homecooked meals, falling asleep on a hot humid afternoon, or watching films across the microcinema from my apartment.

While I may miss the life I once had, it had its own unique set of sufferings. My life is quieter in North America and I’m able to afford little luxuries I never dreamed of having. Yet, there are still moments of disconnection. Even here, where life is more provincial, there’s still a feeling of needing to rush and worry into becoming an adult. But I am someone who likes taking things slowly, not wanting to be pressured by the demands of the world. Somehow, this homestudio is like a shell I carry with me wherever I go- creating a home within myself.