Lonely Cities

In “Lonely Cities,” readers are immersed in a captivating collection of personal essays where the author explores her relationship with the metropolis. Each city she visits becomes a canvas of self-discovery– offering candid insights into her personal growth. The author captures the essence of these cities, bridging the gap between the external landscape and her inner world. “Lonely Cities” serves as a reminder that within the bustling streets lies the potential for profound connections and self-realization.

Lonely Cities: Issue 1

In the debut issue of “Lonely Cities,” the author embarks on travels through Southeast Asia, leaving readers to wonder whether she seeks love or escape. The questions remain unanswered, as the focus lies on delving into the intricacies of people’s motivations and candid observations, transcending the glossy facade of picture-perfect social media posts. Through raw storytelling, the first issue offers a glimpse into the unfiltered realities and deeper complexities of human experiences.

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