• The Artist: Reluctance and Creativity Bias

    For the longest time I’ve been reluctant to call myself an artist. The closest I could get is my artist temperament. Jk. It’s to accept compliments when people tell me I’m a creative person. I’ve always needed some form of external validation that what I was doing was somewhere close to being an artist. And if I wasn’t getting it,…

  • Mini Croissant Sandwich

    Elevate your mornings with these mini croissant sandwiches. Creamy avocado spread with sweet grape tomatoes, and pancetta that’s just the right amount of savoury.

  • Curated Corner: My Own Little Forest

    There are many things that make up my life here in Manila: work, my thesis script that’s been in the drawer for a year, licking my wounds, friends, the dog I walk on weekends, and the old deteriorating house I live in. Some days certain things overwhelm me like: