The Muse strikes back

In 2021 I was working in retail and while I enjoyed the work, I was starting to feel the itch of creativity. I ended up creating a candle brand, starting a Youtube and even had a Patreon. But that all dwindled towards the last quarter of the year because I went back to school for journalism.

I was producing news and became a content machine for the next two years. A year after graduating, I suddenly felt the urge to get back to that chaotic magic of creating.

Hence, my foray back into creating “slice of life content” for Youtube and IG. Plus, working away on my digital magazine Milk, Home, & Honey.


Despite my newsroom training, I am a slow person at heart so I am going at these projects in a relaxed pace. Hopefully I get contributors and I’m going to try and make it better so I can get some sort of funding to be able to pay writers. Overall,  I’m just happy to have been able to go back to creative living and welcoming back my creative muse whom I’ve often referred to as Snufkin.

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