Fight for My Way: A Relatable KDrama for Struggling Millennials

One of my favourite KDramas that spoke to my experiences as a struggling millennial was Fight for My Way. The most popular KDramas in the Philippines have mostly been focused on fantasy and glamour content. But while these were highly praised, I was always looking for something more relatable. Something where I could see myself in the characters. At the time of its showing, I was in my late twenties still finishing up my undergrad degree. Compared to most of my peers, I was at the bottom of an imaginary ladder.  It was during that short stretch between school and unemployment that I found myself indulging in more than my usual three asian dramas at a time.

There are in fact a number of slice of life and coming of age KDramas (Misaeng, Radiant Office- to name a few.) Some are underrated while some have enjoyed higher ratings and popularity. One of these KDramas was Fight  for My Way.


I love this Kdrama because of two things 1) the storyline 2) its simplicity

It’s about a group of friends in their late twenties who are struggling to achieve their dreams in a society that’s obsessed with the traditional definition of success. For the most part, it’s about the late bloomers, the kids who didn’t get to follow a straight path because of life’s curveballs. Of course, like any well-rounded KDrama, there is romance. A relationship between two longtime friends in a dance of will they, won’t they. While the other couple works through their long-term relationship and the struggles that come with it.

QUOTE #1 :

Ko Dong Man
Dream: Taekwondo Champion
Reality: Pest Controller

“The major leagues is where you are.” – Ko Dong man

This is what Ko Dong Man told Ae ra when she was having a dilemma about which job interview to go to on the same day. Ae ra was reluctant to let go of the announcer job interview because everyone wanted to be a news announcer. But Dongman knew her so well that he knew she would be happier to work as an MMA court announcer. This straightforward line basically says: It doesn’t matter what the majority thinks is the best job, what you want to do, that’s the best job for you. That’s your major league.

Choi Ae ra
Dream: Announcer
Reality: Department store receptionist

QUOTE #2: “I earned money.” – Choi Ae ra

Ae ra was  rudely asked by an interviewer what she had been doing with her life (her contemporaries had internships and experiences abroad while she had no related experience in the announcer field.) She answered that she was earning money.  Later on Ae ra sat on the bus and was so frustrated that a mere resume would be the basis for judging her life experiences.

Like Ae ra, I worked a lot. I worked different jobs, some related to my field but most were serving burgers or looking for petite sizes at the back of a storage room. I did all these so I could earn enough to continue my film education. Like Ae ra, these experiences actually taught us most about life and how to be a decent human being. It may not look good on a professional resume but it was real life. We didn’t have the luxury that others did. In school, I do feel like my classmates don’t trust me enough to work in productions because they don’t see any related experience. I even had someone condescendingly remark about how their experience were superior to mine. However, Ae ra was still good with the microphone, she knew how to adapt and how to get along with people. That classmate didn’t realize that I too brought a different skill set into the picture. And from what I learned through all these years of working, I know that you can always learn something, having a good attitude is more important. I try to remember this whenever classmates underestimate me just because they haven’t seen me working in the context of a film production. I mean tbh, they need to learn more professionalism, they’re always running late. sigh.

Baek Seol Hee
Dream: Suburban Housewife and Blogger
Reality: Call center agent for a home shopping network

QUOTE # 3: “Being a good mom, being a good wife is my dream. Does wanting to be a mom not count as a dream? Does everybody in the world have to self-improve?” Seol hee

Seol hee is the group’s mother hen, she is naturally nurturing and loves to anticipate what her friends may need. In the modern world, a woman without a career is looked down on. But that’s Seol hee’s dream and just because her dream isn’t in sync with everyone else’s doesn’t give people the right to shit on her dreams.


  • Jackie

    hey, how are things with you? after i read this post a few weeks ago, i decided to watch Misaeng on Netflix and I loved it. It reminded me a lot about when I used to work for the corporate. Also a good reminder of why I left. I want to watch this one too. Do you know where I could watch it safe and legally?

    • astrid

      Hi Jackie, I’m doing fine despite the pandemic. I hope you’re well and safe. I’m so glad you decided to watch Misaeng and loved it! I honestly wished I watched it again while I was going through my most awful corporate job.You can watch this one on It’s a legal video streaming website that focuses on Asian dramas. I’m on a subscription but it can also be free, just lots of ads I think.

  • Jackie

    Thanks! I’ll browse through the site and see if I can access it. Ads are fine, I don’t think I can/should get another subscription, I’m on Hulu and Netflix already. I’m not really into the love story/fantasy genre so my options on Netflix are pretty limited. I’m thinking of creating my blog because I can’t seem to find go content to read lately. If you know of any, please send them my way.

    • astrid

      sooo i know you’re not into the love story/fantasy genre but there’s one i fell down the rabbit hole and it’s on netflix hahaha it’s pretty long but if you ever get so bored it’s called Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. Petty gods, reincarnation, cultivation, revenge and love. Quite fun.

      Let me know if you do create your blog because I feel the same, I haven’t been reading any other blogs lately since my fave folded. But one of its writers still runs her own personal blog:

      I love her content, even posts i didn’t expect i would be interested in were quite engrossing and her perspective are so relatable as someone who also grew up in the philippines, studied in the west and very much attached to Asia.

      I also read (i may be biased since she’s my sister but i honestly enjoy her writing) – pretty much my go-to content. my sister also likes reading these blogs below:

      (i’ve been struggling to write these days and need to work on my discipline and be more consistent!)

  • Jackie

    Thanks for the recos! I ended up watching It’s okay not to be okay. I finished it, but I was not too happy with how it ended. I’ll try and watch Eternal Love – glad to see that it’s not as long as the Korean ones I’ve watched. And thank you for referring other blogs to read. I visited them and looked at some posts and they are quite interesting.

    • astrid

      You’re welcome! I forgot to recommend Reply 1988, Prison Playbook and Because This is My First Life, I think you might like it better. I haven’t finished It’s Okay Not To Be Okay yet so na curious ako about the ending.

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