Singles Inferno: I ship Jin Young and Seul Ki

Maybe it’s my KDrama fantasies in play, who cares. But the thing is, Seul Ki (SK) and Jin Young (JY) have chemistry. Jin Young does seem more comfortable and at ease with Nadine, and he gets a lot of laughs, and I do want to see how that goes as well but I’m here for the fantasy and fanfiction too.

SK and JY’s situation almost feels like the kind of love you actually have in your late teens to early twenties. The “great love” that’s just not meant to be? They are so different. One is a daughter born to a rich, prestigious family. SK’s a piano major at Seoul National University which is one of the top universities, meanwhile, JY, while he came from a really hardcore unit in the military, he didn’t go to university. Isn’t that like, a really big deal in South Korea? What in the Romeo and Juliet is this. You only get this in shows.

The fact that SK still went for JY despite knowing this versus Dong Woo who’s a doctor, is wild, and I respect SK for that.

Jin Young is our man

I’m going to set aside the reality of things, also setting aside who Jin Young is outside the show, I am only going to review him based on this one. So far, he hasn’t been problematic.

He’s very clear with Min Su, he told her he was not interested in meeting other people and that he was tired of always going to Paradise. Afterwards, in Paradise he reemphasizes this message.  With Seulki, it’s kind of funny how he can’t tell her straight or show his feelings for her in an obvious way. He’s very subtle. It’s so weird that he can communicate what he doesn’t want but he seems shy to communicate how he feels towards the girl he likes.


This is something adorable in the show, but in real life, I wouldn’t really like someone not being able to acknowledge their feelings for me in a clear way. Or maybe it’s my age, I’m too old for those things but that’s the thrill when you’re in your early twenties.

Jin Young is also very cautions with the boys and what he says around them. He’s trying to read the room and is very vigilant. I did not like how Dong Woo excluded him in a mean way when he and Jong Woo were talking about Seul Ki. Clearly, Dong Woo knows Jin Young is the real competition and already antagonizes him. But man, the way Dong Woo tries to make an alliance with Jong Woo and then sends him out of the pit, wow. JY didn’t send Jong Woo out of the pit until the last three were left, I respect that. I feel like he respects Jong Woo but he feels Dong Woo’s hostility. JY doesn’t hog his time with Seul Ki and lets other people talk with her as well, he doesn’t sulk the way Young Jae did when Han Bin went to paradise with So-eun.

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So this is me entering into fanfiction territory:

If this were a drama JY would be SK’s great love, but her parents would be so against the relationship because he comes from a humble upbringing. Anyway, for some reason, they get separated, and break up, and maybe JY goes back to the military and goes on an international mission and never comes back.

Then, SK’s parents want her to marry off to Dong Woo. Dong Woo is that man your parents want as their in-laws, he’s young, and hot, and comes from a family of doctors but he’s also an entitled jerk who looks at you like his arm candy and is into it because of your family’s money and prestige.

So, instead of marrying into misery you decide to go for the better option at this point, and you end up marrying Jong Woo instead, the kind man who is so in love with you and will do anything for you. He’s not someone you love as much as you’ve loved J.Y but he treats you like a treasure and will do anything for your happiness. At this point, we don’t really know what Jong Woo does but let’s just make up a story where he’s so-so and SK’s family won’t be so unhappy with the pairing.

Back to reality

This is what my sister and I came up with when we were making a storyline for the two. Maybe this is why I ship the two, you know it’s probably not going to work out but you’ll do it anyway. I mean if it’s Jin Young, I’d settle for a hot date. I don’t care.

This show is scripted, right? I just think it’s really crazy, But it does say a lot for SK to choose JY. The girl doesn’t care, she wants what she wants and maybe that’s why I admire her more. Hahaha.


But ah, these love stories, real life gets in the way. It’s really exciting at first but then the differences grow wider, that’s why in my fanfiction they actually separate. Maybe JY’s insecurity grows and he starts putting SK down, maybe he feels ill at ease with her rich friends and family. Maybe she’ll feel isolated, maybe she’ll feel torn by two worlds. Maybe they want different things in the end.

Anyway, these two attractive people just want to date each other and no one’s giving them a chance on that island because everyone wants their time. Ah, sad.

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